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BAS Agent Supervision

Do you want to become a BAS Agent but need supervision to accumulate the 1400 hours?

This is a new service we offer to assist the growing number of bookkeeping graduates who wish to become a BAS Agent. Our supervising program has been developed in accordance with what we believe to be the Tax Practitioners Board requirements for Working under the Supervision of a BAS Agent.

We will liaise with you to determine the level of supervision that would be required for your clients individually, and to set up a schedule for the provision of information. When your work has been successfully reviewed your client’s BAS will be lodged and you will be able to claim hours for the time you spent on BAS related activities for the supervised BAS for that client.

Yabonga Pty Ltd trading as Access Software Solutions is the supervising BAS Agent (registered number 91606009).

The Program

After entry into the program the level of supervision will be determined based on experience and an initial review of the client’s file. Our aim is to support the bookkeeper to accurately & efficiently prepare their files. If any transactions require updating the bookkeeper will be advised, provided with underpinning information and asked to make changes. Once both parties are satisfied all is in order the bookkeeper submits final reports and the BAS return will be lodged electronically through our service.

Online Tools

Access Software Solutions is located in regional South Australia and uses online tools to meet with, and assist bookkeepers. Meetings will be held using Skype Video call and occasional face to face meetings can be scheduled in Adelaide or Melbourne upon request.

Online login, Windows Remote access, Logmein or your preferred software will be used to gain live access to the files to be reviewed. Backups of files for review can be uploaded through our website if they are too large to email.


Communication by email is preferred so that there is a written record of all questions and responses provided. All emails will be answered within 24 hours of receipt. Supporting notes or links to further information will be sent with answers to your questions and if we think it useful we will forward your request to a specialist organisation in order to obtain a ruling that you can keep on file.

Access Software Solutions has a closed Facebook Group page rather than a Facebook business page. We think this is better because bookkeepers can post questions into a supportive environment knowing that the questions and answers will only be viewed by other bookkeepers in the Supervising BAS Agent program.

This forum will be used by Lisa Kennedy-Jones to post relevant information on new laws & changing bookkeeping procedures and by members of the group for general communication including frequently asked questions as well as a network or brains trust for any bookkeeping queries of a general nature.

When you choose to take part in the Access Software Solutions Supervising BAS Agent program you will be sent a link to join the closed Facebook group.