MYOB Training

Access Software Solutions provides qualified training for MYOB Accounting Products by an MYOB Certified Consultant and Accredited Workplace Assessor and Trainer.

Training is developed specifically to address the need of each client and delivered on-site or remotely.

Great care is taken to ensure training is relevant, timely and informative while complying with National Industry standards.

Specialist training can ensure that:

  • Productiveness will be increased
  • Time spent on book keeping is minimised
  • Business recording procedures are best practice
  • Your reporting requirements are met

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Benefits of Training

  • An increased understanding of book keeping entries
  • Time spent on bookkeeping is minimised by utilising all relevant MYOB time saving features
  • Business recording procedures are accurate and reports can be relied upon and used to maximise profit generation
  • Government reporting requirements can be met with confidence and peace of mind.

It is a recognised fact that small businesses which do not get expert advice when setting up their accounting systems spend more time and money correcting issues that arise than they would have if they invested in quality training in the beginning.

Barbara Gabogrecan is an expert in issues relating to Micro & Home Based Businesses

“I am seeing more and more frequently people trying to use accounting packages that they do not have the skills to manage. They would be better off completing tasks that they have the expertise to do well and use a qualified bookkeeper to look after their accounts.

It is absolutely essential to have your accounts set up properly to begin with otherwise mistakes will be compounded and accountants may not pick up the problem if they only see your books once a year.

Choose a qualified bookkeeper who has certification in the software package that you are using and ensure that they have both experience and credibility.

Someone like Lisa Kennedy-Jones would be my choice.”

Barbara Gabogrecan
Micro Biz Navigator
Business accreditation programme