MYOB Certification

MYOB Certified Consultant


MYOB Certified Consultants are individuals endorsed by MYOB who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skill and experience with MYOB products. To be admitted as an MYOB Certified Consultant applicants must meet stringent selection criteria and submit to an annual review of their skills.

Once admitted, MYOB Certified Consultants receive a continual flow of information, resources and knowledge from MYOB to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest product developments, tips and techniques.
Lisa Kennedy-Jones has been an MYOB Certified Consultant since 2000.

MYOB Approved Bookkeeper


During 2009 MYOB changed their bookkeeping program and offered accreditation for bookkeeping skills using MYOB.

In order to become an MYOB Approved Bookkeeper the applicant must undergo 4 assessments which test knowledge of fundamental accounting concepts, bookkeeping procedures, data entry, GST calculation and business reporting.

Lisa Kennedy-Jones has successfully completed the assessment process and is an MYOB Appoved Bookkeeper.